Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am here to ENLIGHTEN you

Hi All,

I am PRASOON KUMAR JHA (PRASOON KUMAR) from Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IITK), your friend, philosopher and spiritual Guru. I have started this blog to help you, my fans and followers, attain the goal of life; the goal for which you took birth but are still confused as to what it is and how to attain it? My articles/books here will teach you the art of REAL living.


All publications are based upon my real life practices and I have used the very same techniques on many Individuals and these Individuals will figure in my articles from time to time. These are MY 100% time tested and proven techniques.

Read Carefully, This preamble is of utmost importance as this distinguishes YOU (My fans and followers) from a LOSER.



1 .Works Hard and Sincerely all his life (IDIOT)
2. Loves / Supports his/her Family (WIERD)
3. Is there for Friends when they are in NEED (Sure sign of a Jackass)
4. Doesn't involve in Drugs, Child/Adult Pornography, Rape/Molestation, etc (COWARD)
5. Is SENSITIVE to other people's FEELINGS (Other PEOPLE? What a FOOL! )


1. You are NOT an IDIOT so don't work but PRETEND to do so with finesse
2. You are NOT WEIRD so why the HELL will you put up with this FAMILY drama
3. You are NOT a Jackass so you screw your 'FRIENDS' first. (I SEE A WINNER IN YOU!)
4. You are NOT a COWARD so there is NO LIMIT to what YOU can DO !! (Including all the above in point 4 for a LOSER)
5. You are NOT a FOOL so YOU DON'T CARE about OTHER PEOPLE or their STUPID FEELINGS (BINGO!! Full Points)

So having identified YOURSELF and an average LOSER, I'll start with explaining to YOU the GOAL of life and gradually reading my articles/books that I post here based upon my REAL life practices you will become the REAL YOU, just like ME, attain ZEN and will be SPIRITUALLY ELEVATED.


To SCREW as many people (Take you pick from Men, Women and Children based upon your preference), PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY & for SURE FINANCIALLY, as you could, there is NO LIMIT.

In my upcoming articles/books I will ENLIGHTEN YOU as to HOW I AM CONSTANTLY STIEVING TO ACHIEVE this GOAL but PINNACLE is yet to COME. These are 100% my time tested approaches and will not fail you in anyway so BOOKMARK this page and keep coming back as much as you can. This is WORTH the EFFORT because like me when YOU have MASTERED my TECHNIQUES, YOU'LL NEVER REALLY WORK (PRETENDING to WORK is OK) but will have ALL the TIME to ATTAIN the REAL GOAL of LIFE.

Upcoming Articles/Books:

Revised: How to WIN (Read: Win as in a Battle, i.e., Crush them, Screw them) FRIENDS and INFLUENCE PEOPLE (Read: Influence their HOT SPOUCES and RELATIVES, based upon your SEXUAL preference) by PRASOON KUMAR JHA, First Edition

Dummy's Guide to Quick Mega Bucks (work PROHIBITED. Remember: YOU are NOT an IDIOT) by PRASOON KUMAR JHA, Revised Edition

Revised: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Effective in having MULTIPLE SEXUAL PARTNERS at one time. Here again you have to choose YOUR partners based upon your preference) by PRASOON KUMAR JHA, Third Edition
(I am putting in some pics of mine with my women just so you know it's possible)

Finally, like all SPIRITUAL GURUS, I don't expect anything from my FANS and FOLLOWER, I am here to guide you my WAY, the RIGHT WAY, but YOU are free to send me gratuity in the form of Pornography / Voyeur material or Money at

Keep checking in, YOU'LL soon be ELEVATED like ME.

Some of My Pics(& MY WOMEN TOO) :)



Me+W3 :))

Me+GF (nth)

Me-Cool Dude

Me+Kids (Notice how I always stand with them :))

Also remember that when you become SUCCESSFUL & ENLIGHTENED like ME, some people who are jealous of YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS(Like they are jealous of MINE) will post some things about YOU on your blogs, like a friend did on mine the other day....


Hello folks, I am friend of Aditya and also know Prasoon fairly well to comment on all this. This blog is created by none other then Prasoon Kumar to just haress Aditya after Aditya got to know of Prasoon's dubious past and the activities Prasoon was pursuing when he was working with Aditya in Advanced Data Solutions. Prasoon is a sexual delinquent, was dismissed from a company called MarketRx for sexual harassment, this can be verified by contacting

While working with Aditya, he was just surfing porn whole day and trying to make his way with any female he could find in the company so when Aditya got knowledge of this and his criminal past, he fired him and now Prasoon is just trying to fabricate all this to harass him.He is actually using his own story over Aditya.He himself was previously married before he married his current wife (If she is still his wife :)), Ruby Mishra

Prasoon's wife, Ruby Mishra should contact MarketRx or Aditya to know about his past dismissals, his other wives, his girl-friends and many of his other good qualities....

For past two years Prasoon is running from law and is inaccessible. There were cases pending against him in courts of Delhi but he's been absconding so courts finally published summons against him in major national dailies and declared him persona non grata.He will now be arrested and sent behind bars the moment his whereabouts are known.

Guy like him who maligns other people's image should be put behind bar.

Best of luck Prasoon Kumar!

February 18, 2009 2:24 PM


but the key to success is to just REMOVE such postings from your blog. BTW, This Aditya was one such FRIEND (REMEMBER: How to WIN FRIENDS and INFLUENCE PEOPLE) who I WON (SCREWED) well. :)))) I will tell more about this LOSER later..

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